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Why be cooped up when they can enjoy the great outdoors?

Whether you live in a rural neighborhood, the suburbs or a densely populated downtown environment, Safe Kennel can provide a secure environment for your pet(s) while outdoors. Why not let them enjoy the seasonal elements while you are home or away.   


Finally a solution that protects your pets from pesky predator (wild animals and humans alike) yet provides a spacious interior to roam!

Our "patent pending" solution combines the strength of forged steel and welded woven fabric to provide a secure environment for your pet(s). Two integrated latched/lockable gates offer security and ease of access for the pet and master. A roomy interior offers ample room, not close quarters!     


Don't miss out!

Take advantage of our introductory offer for a fully assembled hand crafted kennel that can be delivered directly to your home. Optional accessories are available to transform the Kennel to fit your needs. This offer is not available in stores. Safe Kennel can only be purchased online or by telephone. The Kennel is manufactured in the USA.

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Best Investment

"It was the best investment we could have made to protect our puppies from predators."  Ann M.

Safe Kennel

"We believe in Safe Kennel, we witnessed a Coyote problem in our neighborhood fairly frequently. All I can say is the Kennel really works!"  Karen T.   

Lots of room

"The interior of the cage is fairly large, our two cats like to roam but they seem to like the large footprint."  Jordan G.

Worth its weight in gold

"The enclosure is pretty large, the metal used to build the kennel makes it pretty heavy. I can't imagine any animals can get to my chickens now. We placed our coop right in the cage."  John G. 

Easy access

"With the two gates, it makes it very easy for our dogs to come and go and for me to clean!"  Jack C.

Fully Assembled

"No nuts and bolts or insert Part A in Part B instructions.  We loved seeing your guys deliver the cage already assembled."  Tony M.  


Steel Frame With Expanded Metal Cover

Hinged opening at one end provides access for both the pet and owner. The rigid steel from provides support to the anchor attachment plates at the base.

Door Within a Door, Latched Access

Both doors are hinged and secured by welded latches that can be manually locked or secured by a clip.  

Hinged Door with Latch

Welded steel hinges provide a support to the door.  Expanded metal is used to cover the frame of the door.

Tube Steel Frame

A welded steel skeleton forms the frame of the structure. Attachment anchor plates enable easy attachment to the ground preventing movement.

Hinged Steel Framed Door Within a Door

The "door" within the "door" is the key to access the structure.  

Retractable Vinyl Roof

A retractable vinyl roof is available form inclement weather.


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Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. We are have first hand knowledge of the kennel's functionality, security features, overall dimensions, clear height, fabrication and optional accessories that can added to fit your pet(s) needs.

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